How do you file a homeowners insurance claim?

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To file a homeowners insurance claim you will need:

1. Your insurance company's property claims phone number.

2. The date of loss.  (when the storm took place).

3. A pen and paper to write down your claim #.

3. A contractor's contact info of who you would like to meet with insurance adjuster on site. 

If you dig up your homeowners insurance paper work, you should be able to find the number to call to file a claim. The easiest may be to just search for it on Google.  Type in the "name of your insurance company" followed by "property claims".

Follow the prompts to file a new claim.

The representative that gets on the line will ask who is calling and what it is in regards to.  Say the following: "I believe I have experienced damage to my (roof, siding, gutters, etc.), and need someone to come out to perform an inspection."

The representative will ask what the "Date of Loss" of the storm was.  To the best of your knowledge, let them know what date the damage occurred on. 

They will then issue you a claim 3, write this down, and will put you in line for an inspection.  They may give you the adjustor's contact info right then.  They will be the one calling you to set a date and time for the inspection.

It is always best to have a contractor on site to meet with your insurance adjustor to make sure you are given a fair assessment of the damages.  Before you hang up, be sure to authorize the contractor of your choice to meet with the insurance adjustor.  You may also request the adjustor contact your contractor to schedule the inspection so they don't show up unannounced without the contractor.

Simply state; "I would like to authorize DreamHome Restoration to meet with the adjustor to perform a join inspection of my home.  Please have the adjustor contact them directly.  Here is there phone number..."

And that's it, you're all set!